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about AXIS


AXIS was established in 1989, offering first Polish microprocessor-based scales.

The first receiver of our scales was polish postal office. The characteristic yellow color up to this day is still associated with solidity and precision of our products. The succes of postal balances have made a clear way for the next constructions. Nowadays Axis company produces almost all types of scales. All scales signed with AXIS brand are designed and produced by AXIS.

All scales signed with AXIS brand are designed and produced by AXIS.

State-of-art technology and quality managing system (ISO certificate) assure fulfilling strict requirements of European Community regulations.  Due to increasing state of technology, all AXIS scales are prepared to cooperate with a computer, a printer and also with an automatic equipment. Moreover, we offer batching systems, multistand data collecting, label printing systems and packet goods net weight control system.  Our offer consists of scales for laboratories, drugstores, shops, jewellery stores, quality control departments, medical cabinets, stores and production lines. Especially for difficult conditions we designed stainless and hermetic, water and chemicals resistant scales.

With the increase of technology level all Axis balances can collaborate with computer, printer and automatic control equipment. Moreover we offer batching systems, multistand systems data collecting, label system printing and net price control system of packaging goods.

AXIS Sp. z o.o. ul. Kartuska 375b, 80-125 GdaƄsk, Tel. +48 58 320 63 01...03, Fax +48 58 320 63 00 e-mail:
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