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      ATA220 220g / 0,001g 1 790 PLN Buy now
      ATA320 320g / 0,001g 1 840 PLN Buy now
      ATA520 520g / 0,001g 1 890 PLN Buy now
      ATA1200 1200g / 0,01g 1 790 PLN Buy now
      ATA2200 2200g / 0,01g 1 840 PLN Buy now
      ATZ220 220g / 0,001g 1 650 PLN Buy now
      ATZ320 320g / 0,001g 1 690 PLN Buy now
ATZ520 520g / 0,001g 1 710 PLN Buy now
      ATZ1200 1200g / 0,01g 1 650 PLN Buy now
      ATZ2200 2200g / 0,01g 1 690 PLN Buy now
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  • compact size
  • LCD display with backlight
  • RS232C interface in standard
  • internal calibration (only ATA)
  • USB interface in standard (only ATA)


Laboratoria Apteki


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Compact laboratory balances of ATA and ATZ series are small sized high precision scales. The balances are designed to use in laboratories, pharmacies, jewellery stores and other places, where high measurement precision is required.
Transparent draft shield with cover (option) allows operation in rooms, where elimination of air movements is impossible. Big, backlighted display and functional keyboard allows easy and effective working with the scale. 
All the scales have a rich set of special functions: counting of identical pieces, calculation of mass changes in percentage, recipe making, change of measurement unit (ct, lb, oz, ozt, gr, dwt), summing measurement series and others.
RS232C interface allows connecting to computer, printer or label printer in order to print measurements. USB-B (standard in ATA) interface enables easy connection to computer (storing results). 

ATA series balances have calibration system with internal weight, which assures maintaining of measurements precision during exploitation. 

Special functions:

  • set of special functions

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