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      ATZ220 220g / 0,001g 1 650 PLN Buy now
      ATZ2200 2200g / 0,01g 1 690 PLN Buy now
3d-1408023820button2 3d-1408023802ata2200cniebieskie 3d-1408023771ata200cniebieskie
  • compact size
  • high precision
  • RS232C connector for computer or printer
  • LCD display with backlight
  • USB interface option


Zakłady jubilerskie


cert-ce gum
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Legalised ATZ series balances, not marked with R, can be used for determining mass of jewellery products (labelling) and for other measurements done at backup of jewellery store. The RS232C connection (in standard) permits to connect a printer or a computer in order to print receipts, raports or further processing weighing results. ATZ balances have a full set of special functions such as: pieces counting and autozeroing.

Special functions:

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