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FSC series

Model Max / d Price Buy now
FSC2 2Nm / 0,001Nm 3 500 PLN Buy now
FSC5 5Nm / 0,001Nm 4 000 PLN Buy now
FSC10 10Nm / 0,01Nm 3 500 PLN Buy now
FSC100 100Nm / 0,1Nm 4 400 PLN Buy now
FSC500 500Nm / 1Nm 4 400 PLN Buy now
  • torque measurement in both directions
  • high speed of measurement - up to 1000 samples per second
  • peak mode
  • storing measurement results into memory or microSD card
  • USB and RS232C serial interface
  • statistics, graphs, comparing to thresholds function




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FSC series torque testers are designed to control/test tension wrenches. It is possible to register maximal torque or real-time registering of changing torque.

Measurement head is mounted to control desk and the controled tension wrench is fitted to 1/4'' hole (FSC2, FSC5, FSC10) or 3/8" hole (FSC100) situated on the measurement head.

Measurement head in FSC500 model doesn't have adapter for tension wrench. FSC500 set is equipped only with force sensor. More info: dimensions file

Special functions:

  • peak value measurement
  • threshold comparision
  • statistics
  • measurement unit selection

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