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meters with external sensor

Model Max / d Price Buy now
FB1k 1kN (~100kg) / 0,2N 2 100 PLN Buy now
FB2k 2kN (~200kg) / 0,5N 2 150 PLN Buy now
FB5k 5kN (~500kg) / 1N 2 210 PLN Buy now
FB10k 10kN (~1t) / 2N 2 370 PLN Buy now
FB20k 20kN (~2t) / 5N 2 830 PLN Buy now
FB50k 50kN (~5t) / 10N 3 540 PLN Buy now
FB100k 100kN (~10t) / 20N 4 780 PLN Buy now
FB150k 150kN (~15t) / 50N 4 780 PLN Buy now
FC1k 1kN (~100kg) / 0,2N 2 410 PLN Buy now
FC2k 2kN (~200kg) / 0,5N 2 460 PLN Buy now
FC5k 5kN (~500kg) / 1N 2 520 PLN Buy now
FC10k 10kN (~1t) / 2N 2 680 PLN Buy now
FC20k 20kN (~2t) / 5N 3 140 PLN Buy now
FC50k 50kN (~5t) / 10N 3 850 PLN Buy now
FC100k 100kN (~10t) / 20N 5 090 PLN Buy now
FC150k 150kN (~15t) / 50N 5 090 PLN Buy now
  • indications in g, lb, oz, N, kg, kgf, lbf, ozf
  • graphical display
  • USB and RS232C interface in standard
  • storing measurements results on microSD cards
  • calibration with external weight
  • accumulator


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FB and FC series force meters are dedicated for measuring force during pressing and pulling activities, as well as for mass measuring. FC series have increased sampling time (1000 measurements per second!) that enables better measurement of dynamical forces. Force meters are used in specialised laboratories, manufacturing and quality control.
Their characteristic features are ergonomic shape and easy operating.
The sensor is supplied with bearings that eliminate measurment errors. The measurement error is a result from irregular loading of force sensor.
FB(C)100k and FB(C)150k force gauges are supplied without bearings.

Force meter and bearings dimensions:

- FB1k-FB5k and FC1k-FC5k
- FB10k and FC10k
- FB20k and FC20k
- FB50k and FC50k 
- FB100k-FB150k and FC100k-FC150k

Graphical display of the meter allows easy reading of indications or presenting measurement results on histogram or on chart.






Special computer program for acquisition and data presentation delivers new possibilities in area of observing and measuring variable forces.

Ekran%20glowny%20GB 200







Wide range of printout configuration affirms compliance with requirements of GLP procedures, when a printer is connected to force meter.

Special functions:

  • measuring maximum value
  • comparing with thresholds
  • statistics
  • charts

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