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FB00  - /  - 1 590 PLN Buy now
FC00  - /  - 1 900 PLN Buy now
  • exchangable force sensor
  • calibration memory for each sensor (max 16)
  • possibility to calibrate each sensor
  • USB and RS232C interface as standard
  • recording of measurements on microSD cards
  • measurement in g, lb, oz, N, kg, kgf, lbf, ozf
  • graphic display




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As a component for building customer's own measurement systems, we offer a multi-range force gauge FB00 and FC00 with a connector for an external sensor. We also offer a wide range of sensors (ordered separately). Multi-range force gauges have a memory for up to 16 force sensors and are equipped with a force sensor socket as standard equipment. Force gauges are designed to measure the pressure force and pull force, while the FC force gauges have a significantly increased measurement speed (1000 measurements / second!), which makes them better suited for measuring dynamic forces.

Special functions:

  • maximum value measurement
  • comparing with threshold
  • statistics
  • diagrams

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