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popular scales

Model Max / d Price Buy now
BD0.3TA 0,3kg / 0,1g 930 PLN Buy now
      BD0.6T 0,6kg / 0,2g 960 PLN Buy now
      BD1.5T 1.5kg / 0,5g 820 PLN Buy now
      BD2T 2kg / 1g 820 PLN Buy now
      BD3T 3kg / 1g 820 PLN Buy now
      BD6T 6kg / 2g 820 PLN Buy now
      BD15T 15kg / 5g 820 PLN Buy now
3d-1415973931axisbta72niebieskie 3d-1466768985bd6t 3d-1466769106button2
  • simple, reliable design
  • LCD display
  • stainless, acid resistant steel pan
  • RS232C connector for computer or printer
  • products and users database
  • external power supply unit




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Popular technical scales of BD/T series are designed for use in industry and trade. Classical design: clear LCD display, large, rectangular pan and plastic housing decide of usability of those scales in many work stations. These balances have full set of special functions such as pieces counting, entered tare or autozeroing.

Special functions:

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