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precise bench scales

Model Max / d Price Buy now
      BD3TWY 3kg / 0,5g 1 190 PLN Buy now
      BD6TWY 6kg / 1g 1 190 PLN Buy now
      BD12TWY 12kg / 2g 1 190 PLN Buy now
BD20TWYD 20kg / 0,1g 1 190 PLN Buy now
      BD30TWY 30kg / 5g 1 190 PLN Buy now
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  • Increased precision (6000e)
  • USB and RS232C interface
  • power supply from rechargeable or ordinary
  • products and users database
  • batteries


przemysl portylotnicze sklepy


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Technical bench scales of BD/TWY series are purposed for applications in laboratories, manufacturing supervision, storages, sorting etc.

Their main feature is better precision and a wide range of measured mass (to 30kg). Large pan (300x210mm!), modern design and easiness of use are main advantages of this scales. BD/TWY scales have a full set of special functions such as pieces counting, tare memory, wide aray of printing options, autozeroing and statistics. Moreover BD/TWY series scales are equipped with USB and RS232C interface (in standard!), LAN, Wi-Fi, transoptor WY, 4-20mA (options) etc.

Special functions:

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