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Model Max / d Price Buy now
      BA3Y -A3 3kg / 0,5g 1 850 PLN Buy now
      BA6Y -A3 6kg / 1g 1 850 PLN Buy now
      BA12Y -A3 12kg / 2g 1 850 PLN Buy now
      BA3MY -A4 3kg / 0,5g 1 850 PLN Buy now
      BA6MY -A4 6kg / 1g 1 850 PLN Buy now
      BA12MY -A4 12kg / 2g 1 850 PLN Buy now
      BA30Y -A5 30kg / 5g     2 100 PLN Buy now
      BA60Y -A5 60kg / 10g       2 100 PLN Buy now
      BA120Y -A5 120kg / 20g       2 100 PLN Buy now
  • higher measurement precision
  • platform: stainless steel, acid resistant steel
  • LED display
  • RS232 interface
  • products and users database
  • 230V supply




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BA/Y series platform scales are designed to use in industry and trade. Their main feature is higher precision than in standard platform scales (6 000 verification plots) and additionally  BA6 and BA60 models have more precise reading plot. Other advantages is aesthetic and robust construction. All models have in standard modern ME-01 meter with  32-bit microprocessor. Scales are equipped with a full set of special functions like pieces counting, percentage, average calculating and also extended printout option.

In BA/KY scales (with letter K in the type name for example: BA120KY) scale platform is connected with meter using a cable, in BA/Y scales (and BA/MY) meter is situated on column (look picture above).

Special functions:

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