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precise scales

Model Max / d Price Buy now
BTA210 210g / 0,01g 860 PLN Buy now
BTA210D 210g / 0,001g 900 PLN Buy now
BTA2100 2100g / 0,1g 860 PLN Buy now
BTA2100D 2100g / 0,01g 900 PLN Buy now
3d-1344250990axisbta72niebieskie 3d-1344251021button2
  • simple, comfortable operation
  • LCD display
  • RS232C connector for computer or printer
  • power supply from accumulators or batteries
  • products and users database


produkcja warunkiprzenosne


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Precise technical scales of BTA series are designed for applications where EC verification is not required. Their advantages: small dimensions, power supply from accumulators or  batteries, high measurement resolution and low price. BTA series have a full set of special functions .

Special functions:

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