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Professional analyzers

Model Max / d Price Buy now
AGS60 60g / 1mg 3 770 PLN Buy now
AGS120 120g / 1mg 4 070 PLN Buy now
AGS210 210g / 1mg 4 270 PLN Buy now
AGS60/T250 60g / 1mg 4 280 PLN Buy now
AGS120/T250 120g / 1mg 4 580 PLN Buy now
AGS210/T250 210g / 1mg 4 780 PLN Buy now
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  • halogen radiators
  • graphical display
  • text menu
  • drying chart displaying
  • reports edition with computer keyboard




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Moisture analyzers of AGS series are used for quick and precise determination of material humidity upon the basis of weight loss during drying of its small sample (thermo-gravimetrical method). The RS232C connection (in standard) permits to connect a printer or a computer in order to print receipts, raports or further processing weighing results. The printed raports enable fulfilment of GLP recommendation. We offer a computer program PROMAS to cooperate with moisture analyzer.



Temperature correction (option) :



Special functions:

  • halogen radiators
  • computer software for cooperating with moisture analyzers

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