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professional plus

Model Max / d Price Buy now
      ACN120G  120g /  0,1mg 2 800 PLN Buy now
      ACN220G 220g /  0,1mg 2 900 PLN Buy now
ACE120G  120g /  0,1mg 2 700 PLN Buy now
ACE220G  220g /  0,1mg 2 800 PLN Buy now
  • graphical display - simple interface
  • extended keyboard with shortcuts
  • RS232C, USB-B, USB-A and clock
  • Alibi memory+
  • internal calibration (only ACN/G)
  • multilanguage menu




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ACN/G and ACE/G professional plus analytical balances are equipped with RS232C (connection to barcode reader or printer), USB-B (computer) and USB-A (usb flash drive, printer or computer keyboard) interface. The balances have graphical display and extended set of keys to ease work. Additional functions such as products, users and measurements database give new possibilities to users. Spacious, closed with slidable glass on three sides weighing chamber allows for comfortable and efficient operation in rooms, where elimination of air movements is impossible. The printed raports enable fulfilment of GLP recommendations. Alibi memory ensures safety and archiving of performed measurements (up to 100 000). Those measurements can later be uploaded and viewed on computer. Measurement database enables to view (on balance display) and printout last 1000 measurement.

ACN is equipped with internal calibration system. ACE can only be calibrated with external standard od mass.

Special functions:

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