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standard plus

Model Max / d Price Buy now
      AKA220G 220g / 1mg 2 230 PLN Buy now
      AKA320G 320g / 1mg 2 280 PLN Buy now
      AKA520G 520g / 1mg 2 580 PLN Buy now
      AKA620G 620g / 1mg 2 630 PLN Buy now
      AKA820G 820g / 1mg 2 810 PLN Buy now
      AKA2200G 2200g / 0,01g 2 340 PLN Buy now
      AKA3200G 3200g / 0,01g 2 480 PLN Buy now
      AKA4200G 4200g / 0,01g 2 600 PLN Buy now
      AKZ220G 220g / 1mg 2 180 PLN Buy now
      AKZ320G 320g / 1mg 2 230 PLN Buy now
      AKZ2200G 2200g / 0,01g 2 290 PLN Buy now
      AKZ3200G 3200g / 0,01g 2 430 PLN Buy now
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  • very high precision of weighing
  • internal calibration (only AKA/G)
  • big graphical display - multilanguage menu
  • RS232C, USB, PS2 and clock


Zakłady jubilerskie Laboratoria Apteki


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AKA/G are new generation professional balances with simplified operation, many communication interfaces in standard and better precision than the old series. AKA/G balances with graphical display and extended key set are designed for complex laboratory activities. Text menu, hints on display and numeric keys greatly increase comfort of operation. Internal calibration mechanism assures that measurement precision in long term operation is maintained without user interaction. The RS232C connection permits to connect a printer or a computer in order to print receipts, raports or further processing weighing results. The USB interface allows easy connection to PC. PS2 input enableswriting necessary data using computer keyboard. These balances have a full set of special functions such as pieces counting, recipe making and autozeroing.

Special functions:

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