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      BA3M -A4+ 3kg / 1g 1 340 PLN Buy now
      BA6M -A4+ 6kg / 2g 1 340 PLN Buy now
      BA15M -A4 15kg / 5g 1 340 PLN Buy now
      BA15 -A5 15kg / 5g 1 470 PLN Buy now
1237723376B15M 7kl
3d-1344251232b3mdniebieskie 3d-1344251276button2
  • LED display
  • stainless, acid resistant steel platform
  • RS232C connector for computer or printer
  • products and users database
  • external power supply unit


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Platform technical scales of BA series are designed for wide use in industry and trade. Low platform and column with display make the balance operation comfortable in all conditions. These scales have a full set of special functions like  for example pieces counting.

Available scale platform dimensions:
A4 :    300x300 x70mm
A4+ :  305x315 x70mm
 A5 :    400x400 x120mm

Special functions:

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