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Technical moisture analyzers

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BTS110 110g / 10mg 2 650 PLN Buy now
BTS110D 110g / 5mg 2 850 PLN Buy now
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  • halogen radiators
  • graphical display
  • text menu
  • drying chart displaying
  • drying profiles
  • USB, RS232C and PS2 interface


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Moisture analyzers of BTS series are used for quick and precise determination of material humidity upon the basis of weight loss during drying of its small sample (thermo-gravimetrical method). Halogen radiators ensure efective sample drying. BTS functioning is based on strain gauge which is very popular in other industrial applications.   
Time, temperature and drying profile (course) can be adapted to examinated material features. To simplify drying parameters choice, initial drying can be done with graph result.
The RS232C connection permits to connect a printer or a computer in order to print receipts, raports or further processing weighing results. The printed raports enable fulfilment of GLP recommendation.


Temperature correction (option):


Special functions:

  • 4 drying profiles: standard, slow, step and fast
  • 20 drying settings memory

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