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Barcode reader HD42A


HD42A barcode reader is a hand-held scanner suitable to cooperate with Products and Users database and with other special functions available in BTA, BD, BA, 4BA scales and in ME-01, ME-11 meters.

During weighing a big amount of similar products, a problem of fast and reliable identification occurs. This happens during quality assessment  on production and during stocktaking. The solution of this problem is marking products with a bar code and then using  a scale equipped with a barcode reader.

BTA, BD, BA, 4BA scales and ME-01, ME-11 meters equipped with a handheld scanner (barcode reader) in easy way enable to execute a big amount of measurements with identification. Goods weight correctness assesment is also possible. By using barcode reader user can readout product barcode (scale memory enables to inscribe 300 products) and operators (max 10).


When buying scale with barcode reader together, the reader can be supplied directly from scale (RS232Cscan interface). When buying separately - reader is supplied from his own supplier.


Price: 280 zł

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