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   Database consists 450 products and 100 users.



Database consists:
- product id number, used for recalling
- product barcode,
- product name,
- user identification number,
- user name,
- unitary product weight, used for pieces counting,
- product permament tare,
- lower threshold value (Min),
- upper threshold value (Max).

Using barcode reader (barcode reader costs only 230PLN !!!) simplifies database operating. It enables fast identification.  Recalling product from database enables net and gross weight measurement, tare, weight rating (Min/OK/Max), pieces counting, label printing etc.
If that basic functionality isn't enough, we offer ETE software (surcharge), that extends functionality of product codes, operators, packages, clients and also enables results archivisation. Single-post program version (computer+one scale) has a discount price (50% discount!!!).
Database is installed in all standard  BTA, BD, BA and 4BA series scales and in ME-01, ME-11 meters (no surcharge!!!).

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