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This software is an element of multi-station system of packed goods control. It allows for simultaneous control of few production lines according to the requirements of law from 06.09.2001 with later amendments. Control options: - manual weighing, supported with signalling of MIN and MAX thresholds crossing, automatic weighing result transmission without using balance keys, full control, - weighing according to computer signal, random control, - automatic dosing of loose or liquid products, automatic weighing result transmission to the computer, full control. During the control it is possible to track production line operation results by the controller, also the control result forecast is presented, which allows for line operation corrections. After the control the report of products batch assessment is automatically generated, which is for controller’s disposal. It is possible to view and filter measurements results according to product code, operator code or measurement time, as well as reports printing. Program cooperates with balances equipped with SE-12 modules (maximum 32 balances).

Net weight control for paced goods:


according to packed goods law (e mark)


control types: full, non-destructive, destructive, internal

odnosnik2 simultaneous operation of many production lines – up to 32 scales


Application: quality control

Price: 2 900 zł

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