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ME-01/A/18 (LED)



odnosnik2 32-bit microprocessor
odnosnik2 accumulator powered option
odnosnik2 LED 18mm display
odnosnik2 extended special function set



User Manual

Mounting manual


3D view : me01a

ME-01 meter is a component assigned to build 1- or 2-range scales using extensometer force sensors.

Technical data
Type ME-01/A/18
Capacity max 6000
Reading unit (d) 1, 2, 5, 10, ... (g, dkg, kg)
Vertification unit (e) II and III class scales
Tare range -Max
Work temperature -10÷40°C
Dimensions 200x146x77mm
Power supply AC: 230V 50Hz DC: 12V or accumulator 6V ÷ 12 V
Weight 1,8 kg
IP protection class IP40
Applied error fraction 0,5
Lowest possible input signal 0,3 μV
Sensor impedance
40÷4000 Ohm
Sensor supply 5V AC 25Hz
Sensor connecting system 4 or 6 conductor system
Housing lacquered aluminium
Keyboard digital and numerical keys
Display LED


Price: 890 zł

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