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 Analytical professional balances
ACN and ACN/G on sale!
Balances designed for the most demanding

Equipment: USB-B, USB-A, RS232C, 
ALIBI memory 

Starting from 2650 PLN !!!





 Compact analytical balances ATN i ATE
on sale!
Cheapest analytical balances
in our offer.
USB, RS232C and clock in standard.

Starting from 2300 PLN !!!

New generation of analytical balances!!!


- higher precision and repeatibility

- simplified operation

- ALN/G: RS232C, USB, PS2 and clock in standard!

Improved weighing mechanism and modern electronics but prices unchanged!



 Net prices from 860 PLN !!!

New generation of platform scales!!!

Scales available in two versions: meter on column (BA/C) and meter on cable (BA/CK)

- modern, aesthetic design

- database 300 products

- more communication options
(choose from: RS232, USB, RS485, LAN, Wi-Fi)

- cooperation with barcode reader

- possibiity to supply from AA accumulators



New laboratory balances with verification (green M) option:

 ATZ series compact popular
(external calibration)

ATA series compact precise
(internal calibration - automatic)

now on sale at low prices!




Weighing with goods identification


 During weighing a big amount of similar products, a problem of fast and reliable identification occurs. This happens during quality assessment  on production and during stocktaking.

The solution of this problem is marking products with a bar code and then using a scale equipped with a scanner (barcode reader).

BTA, BD, BA, 4BA scales and ME-01, ME-11 meters equipped with a handheld scanner (barcode reader) in easy way enable to execute a big amount of measurements with identification. Goods weight correctness assesment, pieces counting and printing results is also possible. By using barcode reader user can readout product barcode (scale memory enables to inscribe 300 products) and operators (max 10).

Barcode reader  for only 200 PLN net !!!

 If the basic functionality is not enough, we offer for extra charge ETE computer software, that extends identification posibbilities and enables using barcode reader to readout products, operators, packages and clients codes. Single-post (computer + one scale) version of this software is cheaper.

  Balances launched lately :



New bench and counting scales series:

bench precise BD/TWY

counting precise BD/TLY

with increased presicion to 6000 readout units!




Platform and industrial scales modernization!

Now equipped with modern ME-01 meter that have better communication options and faster measurement. Moreover platform sizes choice is now bigger!






Compact labolatory balances ATA

- compact size

- internal calibration

- USB and RS232 interface

- LCD with backlight

 Prices from 1650 PLN !!!


New series of technical bench scales  BD/TW

- big LCD display

- big pan - A4 size

- USB and RS232C interface in standard

- optional interfaces: LAN, Wi-Fi or transoptor out

Price 740 PLN !!!




New counting scales BD/TL

- separate displaying of actual mass, unit mass and pieces quantity

- inteligent counting algorythm

- big pan - A4 format

- USB interface and RS232C in standard

Price 750 PLN !!!


Precise platform scales

- high precision 6000 verification plots

- modern ME-01 meter

Prices from 1850 PLN !!! 

Available also with construction made completely from stainless steel BAN/Y .





Precise technical scales BTA

- small sizes

- supply from batteries

- high precision: 200g/0,001g i 2000g/0,01g

Prices from 650zł !!!

Without verification.


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