Special scales

Pharmacy balances

Pharmacy balances are the selected models of laboratory balances, with metrological parameters adapted for the pharmaceutical requirements.


Jewellery balances

ATZ series jewellery balances are a separate group of laboratory balances, adapted for specific requirements of jewellery branch.

With the exception of technological purposes balances,...


Counting scales

BD/TL counting scales series are designed to count details with equal mass in storages, manufacturing supervision, sorting etc.
Pieces counting function is based on calculating equal mass...


Postal scales

Scales for letters and parcels are used in thousands of post offices for many years. Measurement of letter weight is important during determination of stamp value, so the correspondence weighing...


Personal scales

Personal scales of B/L series are designed for precise weighing of patients, sportsmen, biological renewal centres customers, etc. The scales structure allows for height measuring device...


Goods packaging

Weight control of goods sold in closed packages and marked with weight is regulated by packed goods law that are obligatory in Poland.

The law obliges the packaging unit for the control...