Postal scales

Scales for letters and parcels are used in thousands of post offices for many years. Measurement of letter weight is important during determination of stamp value, so the correspondence weighing takes place not only in the post office, but also during letters preparation in companies and institutions. The characteristic yellow colour of letter scales has been the AXIS identification feature for many years. It has been long, since that colour has been changed, but the solid quality and reliability of products stay the same.

We currently offer also scales for messengers.

Active filters

  • BA/P
    Capacity [max] 30kg - 50kg
    Readability [d] 10g - 20g
    • stainless steel cabinet
    • clear display

    From: 1,910.00 zł tax excl.
  • BD/P
    Capacity [max] - 2kg
    Readability [d] - 1g
    • pan for A4 envelopes
    • display for Customers
    • Postdata approved

    From: 1,070.00 zł tax excl.