Accessories for force gauges are mainly adapters/holders that allow you to grip various products in order to properly perform measurements.

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Ball tip

The tip for the force meter with an internal sensor (FB or FC) made of stainless steel, in the...

Double-hand handle for FB force meter

It allows measuring forces of large values (too large to be held in one hand). The handle...

Hook for hanging FB force meter

It allows force meter calibration as well, using hung external weight.Hook is made of stainless...

Manual clamp NJJ03 for force meter

It is used to grip the test object.

Hex clamp NJJ-08 for force meter

It is used to grip the test object.

Roller clamp NJJ-04 for force meter

It is used to measure the strength of belts.

Roller clamp with NJJ-09 clamp for force meter

NJJ-09 Clamp - Used to grip a strip of fabric or tape. The width of the tested object - maximum...

ZM-01 eccentric clamp for force meter

Eccentric clamp used for e.g. foils and tapes.

NJJ-12 clamp with knob for force meter

The NJJ-12 clamp is used to grab the tested object. Object thickness up to 3mm.

Barrel grip UB-01 for force meter

The UB-01 holder for cable connectors can be mounted to the force meter. It is used to test the...

Barrel grip NJJ-21

NJJ-21 holder for cable connectors. It is used to test the strength of connections between cables...

Fidaptor ZF-02 (for FSC2)

Used for FSC2 torsional force gauges.

Fidaptor ZF-10 (for FSC5 and FSC10)

Torque adapter for automatic screwdrivers. Used for torsional force gauges FSC5 and FSC10.