Force gauges

FB series force meters are dedicated for measuring force during pressing and pulling activities, as well as for mass measuring.
They are used in specialised laboratories, manufacturing and quality control.
Their characteristic features are ergonomic shape and easy operating.
FB meters are delivered together with set of terminals in handy suitcase, allowing using the meter as universal measuring device. The meters can be used for measuring when they are carried in hand or when they are fixed or hung.
Graphical display of the meter allows easy reading of indications or presenting measurement results on histogram or on chart.

Special computer program for acquisition and data presentation delivers new possibilities in area of observing and measuring variable forces.

Wide range of printout configuration affirms compliance with requirements of GLP procedures, when a printer is connected to force meter.

Additionally  vertical support stand , horizontal support stand, double-hand handle, hook for hanging ,manual grip, hex grip, roller grip  and other accessories that allow special measurements can be delivered.

Force measurement

AXIS force gauges are used for many tasks, e.g. control of handles or buttons. Thanks to the ability to record the maximum force value, they are also used for strength measurements, e.g....


Torque measurement



The stands are used for precise force measurements by slowly moving the force gauge over a given distance and are intended for FB5-FB500 force gauges
and FC5-FC500.



Accessories for force gauges are mainly adapters/holders that allow you to grip various products in order to properly perform measurements.