Jewellery balances

ATZ series jewellery balances are a separate group of laboratory balances, adapted for specific requirements of jewellery branch.

With the exception of technological purposes balances, the jewellery balances should be legalized (verificated).

Active filters

  • ATZ/R
    Capacity [max] 220g - 2200g
    Readability [d] 0,01g - 0,1g
    From: 1,850.00 zł tax excl.
  • ATZ
    Capacity [max] 220g - 2200g
    Readability [d] 0,001g - 0,01g
    From: 1,750.00 zł tax excl.
  • with chamber
    Capacity [max] - 220g
    Readability [d] - 0,001g
    From: 2,250.00 zł tax excl.